Where to get short sample dissertation proposals for free

There are many steps to creating a successful dissertation proposal, which in turn makes your proposal defense a smooth ride. However, if your proposal is not up to scratch, then your chances of receiving the relevant funds to carry out your research are very low.


You need to follow a structure to your proposal so that when you make your proposal defense it is easy to follow and understand. If there is no structure to your work, then the chances of you receiving your funding is very low. With that said, the following is how you should typically structure your proposal:

  • Introduction:This will be a brief introduction on the topic you aim to write about, and give some background information. It is good to cite the latest research pertaining to your topic in the introduction. The introduction also has to include your thesis statement.
  • Dissertation Methodology: This is perhaps the most important part of your whole proposal. In this section you will talk about the methods you will employ to carry out your research. You will need to describe, in depth, the methods you will use and why you will use them over other possible methods. Make sure to go in detail about the important aspects of your methodology, such as the sample size you will use.
  • Aims and Objectives: This section will tell your audience about what you hope to achieve with your research. You should include why this research is necessary, what you think the results will be and the possible consequences of your work. You need to have a brief literature review and talk about the possible limitations of your proposed work.

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Even though you are now aware of the general structure of a dissertation proposal, it is always good to read a few samples before you start your own proposal. This is why it is a good idea to give writing agencies a visit so you can read a few successful proposals and understand the general standard expected of you to be granted your funding.

It is always important to read a good sample before starting your proposal, and to know the general structure expected of you from your supervisors.