Seven tips on how to choose your dissertation topic

Choosing a dissertation topic could be a herculean task for a final year student in the varsities. A dissertation is a significant work that accrued too many credits on an undergraduate or postgraduate degree course. If you are a student in the final year and you have difficulty choosing a dissertation topic, here are tips to guide you through.

  1. Select a topic that you find interesting

A dissertation or research work takes some time. It may take weeks or months to complete it, and it is important to choose wisely or select a topic that you find interesting. It may be a topic that focused on your career? Or maybe a topic that is in another module on your course? Any of the two, what is most important, is the motivation and passion for arriving at the topic. It is advised by tutors worldwide to choose a topic that will benefit your career in the long run.

  1. Choose something different

Choosing a unique topic is also an important focal point that students must consider to ensure that you carry out your research and conclude devoid of plagiarism. In carrying out this, you must approach an already researched area from a different angle, or maybe you pick a topic that is not too popular.

  1. Don't be too vague

It is equally important to note that a dissertation is an extensive academic piece of writing. Your topic of discourse must be written and expressed clearly, well-constructed and the overall write up must be well structured. Do not choose an idea that is too broad that will make you exceed the word count and makes it tedious for you to arrive at your conclusion.

  1. Don't be too narrow

While we advise you to be concise in your work, it is equally important to note that your dissertation needs to reach the exact word count. If you focus on a too narrow question, you have to expand on your argument to arrive at a well-rounded conclusion. Similarly, when writing your proposal, ensure that you don't pick a question that can be answered with a simple "yes" or "no."

  1. Research!

The time you are researching the topic of discourse in your dissertation before your proposal is probably the best to ensure that you're picking the right and researchable topic. Calculate and factor in time and energy before submitting your proposal; this is to enable you to ascertain if you have all the tools needed to successfully carry out your research and write your dissertation without any hindrance.

  1. Objectivity

Objectivity is very key in choosing a dissertation topic. You know it is very easy to 'fall in love' with a topic and prevent you from seeing the same topic's weakness.  Therefore, you have to be practical and honest about your research topic's scope by not allowing emotion and biases to cloud your judgment. Try as much as possible to view your subject from an outsider's angle so that you will not hold on to a weak idea. Do not rush; take your time, and organize your thoughts properly to arrive at a preferable topic.

  1. Seek advice from your tutor

You cannot achieve a well researchable project that can be worth publishing without a tutor. Your tutor is your supervisor, who will guide you through writing your dissertation. When you have carried out a proposal, schedule time to talk to him because he has years of experience putting through students on their choice of a dissertation topic and writing. Sometimes he might even assist you with some researchable materials that will make the whole dissertation writing process seamless for you.