Dissertation Formatting From Cover Page To Bibliography

Formatting a dissertation can be tough work for students. There is a lot to keep in mind when working on your paper. Dissertation writing services can help you with the process and can add further important input into your dissertation. However, we have also produced a guide on formatting your dissertation from the cover page to bibliography.

Every section of your dissertation is important and care should be taken to follow any guidelines mentioned by your own university. These guidelines will include important information such as the font and font size you should use and how you should format any references in your dissertation.


Although not the most important part, your cover needs to be neat and easy to read. Your cover will tell your reader what your dissertation is about. When you search for dissertations online, you can only tell the topic they are written about due to their cover. Things to include in your cover are the title, your name, your degree, your university and the year you have completed it. Make sure to center this information on the page.


The abstract should be really short and should tell your reader about the dissertation. Ideally, it should be around 200-250 words. It should not be long and should be a very brief summary.


The introduction section is vital to your work. In your introduction, you should write the aims of your research and why you want to undertake it in your chosen area. Help with dissertation writing on the introduction can also be sought through writing agencies/The introduction should also include the thesis statement; what you think the result of your research will be.

Literature Review

The dissertation literature review is a vital aspect of your dissertation. It is a chance for you to further give some context about the topic you are writing about. In this section, you will include published material related to your field. The best material to use can be found in academic journals related to your topic.


The methodology section makes your reader aware on the methods you will use to conduct your research. This section is not merely a place to list out your methods but to also show readers why you are using it and how you will implement it. You need to thoroughly analyze your methodology.

Results and Discussion

Once you have carried out your research, you need to list your results and, like in the methodology section, analyze these results.


The conclusion is a summarization of your dissertation. You also need to evaluate whether or not you have proven your thesis statements in your dissertation.


This is where you list the sources for all your references. This is an extremely important section so do not overlook its importance.

Dissertational help, UK formatting can be hard to come by online. However, using our guide, you can easily format your dissertation into the accepted structure that will be expected of you from your university and professor.