The Most Interesting Renaissance Dissertation Topics

In the world’s history, the renaissance marks some interesting moments. The moments and stories of this period offer enough flexibility for students to write on everything regarding literature, art, and architecture. The best way to learn history is to experience it through more in-depth formulaic crafts or written pieces that tell the truth of what really happened.

For those who don’t know, the renaissance period involved massive changes in science, intellectuality, culture, and politics. Over time, the ideas of the renaissance changes affected religion in a significant way.

Best Dissertation Topics Suggestions

In writing dissertations, it’s vital to be versatile. You can write from a range of angles covering various themes, provided the paper packs quality research and purposeful content. The start of good dissertation should give an outline of what is being discussed in the form of an interesting senior thesis topic.

1. Comparing Renaissance Medieval to Painting

A dissertation on this topic can provide extensive research on varied, interesting aspects. You can quickly identify great medieval and renaissance paintings and then compare them. Discuss the social circumstances surrounding the discovery of such paintings. You may as well discuss some inspiration painters of the medieval renaissance period. Discuss the characteristics of the paintings and relationships and differences in their creation.

2. Criticizing a Less Known Painting

Students have written tons of academic papers on The Vitruvian Man, Mona Lisa, and The Creation of Adam. You don’t want to write on these mostly covered and widely research topics. Choose a broad topic that may require you to seek help in writing the content. As a Ph.D. candidate, you must come up with an issue that provokes critical thinking.

The easy way to gather ideas for your dissertation topics is to tour different world museums and pay attention to the less-known pieces of art. Identify a work of art you love and write about the stories behind the birth and discovery of such paintings. You can tell about the painter’s lifestyle, achievements, and their family.

3. Paintings of Renaissance Food Culture

Writes can work on topics that are full of fun and unusual points of attractions. Choosing impressive topics with enough content for reference would go a long way in making your dissertation a masterpiece.

During the renaissance period, food was a common theme. Painters in the renaissance era used food as a way to convey their target message. Research and write outstanding pieces around the foods during the renaissance culture.

Choosing Topics You Will Love to Base Your Dissertation On

Create superb dissertations by choosing topics that are unusual, provocative, and thought-provoking. Don’t choose generic themes as they may not drive the message home feasibly.

The purpose of the dissertation paper is to deliver value to academic readers. So don’t cover a topic that’s too broad or has been covered by other academicians. Approach your dissertation from a more personalized approach.


These are some great topics you can use for inspiration when writing renaissance dissertations. You should copy them as they are. You may want to adjust them a bit to craft unique topics that capture the interest of the target academic community.