Interesting Topics To Use In Writing Your Economics Thesis

Getting your dissertation or thesis done is not something you can do in a hurry. In fact, it can prove more challenging than you've ever believed. When writing an economics thesis, you must select the right topic alongside having solid foundations for your research.

Qualities of Good Economics Thesis

The best economics thesis is a mixture of theories and experiments. A fundamental step in writing an economics thesis that is wooing is to choose your theme keenly. You can decide to go the economic model way or start by researching and analyzing statistical data. Look for a topic that has not been used a lot in the past and has enough available research materials for references.

Understand that economic thesis for Masters, bachelors, and Ph.D. students aren’t all the same. Learners can write on microeconomics, macroeconomics, agricultural, sociological, financial, or behavioral aspects of economics. Here are sample topics covering all these subject areas.

  1. How has the oil industry economically affected the Nigerian’s revenue production?
  2. Impact of sports advertising and marketing on customers
  3. How the African tourism industry has developed since the 1990s
  4. Does globalization have any benefits to businesses?
  5. What economic risks Turkish investors face?
  6. Is reduced employment rates the biggest challenge to the American economy?
  7. How culture affects different entrepreneurial behaviors?
  8. Newest electronic payment solutions in Russia
  9. How has the Chinese banking sector gained financial stability?
  10. Why are there salary inequalities in the United States?
  11. Effectiveness of teaching home economics using visual aids
  12. How have American consumer behaviors been affected by income changes?
  13. How international development and economic growth relate?
  14. How advanced technologies have affected environmental and green products?
  15. Understanding the non-solar renewable energy economics
  16. How have natural disasters affected Asia’s economic development?
  17. A quick analysis of gender differences in the United States’ labor market
  18. What economic reasons affect oil prices?
  19. How the Gini coefficient and Lorenz curve relate?
  20. The leading causes and solutions to oil pricing changes
  21. How increased population in developing countries negatively affect the country’s economy?
  22. How industrialization in developing countries affects economic growth and capital formation?
  23. Economic growth in Latin America
  24. How tourism affects the economics of developing markets?
  25. How accounting, finance, and economics relate?
  26. The known economic behavioral and cognitive theories
  27. Agribusiness and agricultural economics
  28. Understanding stock market overreaction
  29. The economic challenges the Volvo car has experienced
  30. Investing in Africa? Here is how to assess financial risk
  31. How farmers contribute to agricultural social capital?

How to Choose the Best Economic Thesis Topic

When identifying an economic thesis topic, consider your interests. You want to write a thesis on a theme you’re interested in. Ensure there are enough materials to get inspiration. Inquire for suggestions from your thesis advisor, and always ensure you give a clean and genuine piece. Ensure the topic you’re working on is not too ordinary. It would be great you write about a particular subject in economics you cherish.